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Salt is not your friend

Since winter has arrived, it’s time to think about how you treat your outdoor surfaces underfoot. It may seem easy to just throw some rock salt and be done with it, but excessive amounts of salt can cause concrete to spall (the top surface to flake off) and may attack mortar if used between either concrete or brick pavers.
These tips can help keep hardscapes looking new and beautiful:
–Let poured concrete season for 30 days before using any de-icer.
–If traction is all you need, consider sand or kitty litter rather than a de-icer.
–Use as little de-icer to get the job done, and brush or hose off residue when the temperature is above 32 degrees. If you aren’t using the patio or pool, it’s better to just let the snow and ice come and go naturally on the walkways.

–In general, calcium chloride is more gentle and less corrosive on driveways and sidewalks than rock salt; it is more expensive but even a mix of it and rock salt can preserve your hardscape surface.

–DON’T use ammonium nitrate or sulfate as a de-icer. These are several times as corrosive as other chemicals.
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