Summer Entertaining Means Outdoors

What is summer without the outdoors? Barbecue, fresh air, fun in the sun…and Sansone Brick and Concrete makes it easy to do this without leaving home. Need a patio? Some work near a barbecue pit? Are your existing stone steps and sidewalk tired in design, or sagging and uneven due to the recent rains?
Let the experts from Sansone come out and give you an estimate on a new hardscape, or a repair and reset on your current entertaining area. More than ever, people need something underfoot that isn’t muddy and squishy. We have solutions for all price ranges.

Give us a call today: (636) 271-4844

Winter is for dreaming…

The winter is the time when masonry artists dream of spring. sansonepatiosm

They slow down, anticipating activity when the weather goes warm again. Visions of exterior improvements dance in their minds, and make their way to paper as plans.

Tired of giving your spouse another vacuum cleaner or tie? Why don’t you plan a new patio, or fix your walkway when the grass sprouts and the birds return? This Christmas, Sansone Construction can show you how an idea can grow into reality. and can schedule your work first, now, when the calendar is still wide open.

We hope everyone is having a joy-filled Christmas and holiday season. Give us a call at 636-271-4844 to plan the perfect present for your home.

Have a last minute job while the weather holds?

221-20160421_124609_001This unseasonably warm October weather means we can make hay while the sun shines and the temperature stays above 32 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Concrete and mortar needs to be able to cure without ice crystals forming, in order to properly build strength.

So far, the weather is looking good for those last minute projects which can be executed and finished in a couple of days. Look around your yard. Do you see anything Sansone Brick, Concrete and Stone can help you with before the cold snow blows?

Give us a call at 636-271-4844, and tell us what you would like done.

Sansone Brick and Concrete does stone, too!

Why hire three contractors when one can do it all? Ron Sansone and his expert crew can lay brick,autumn-fall-leaves-pictures-collage-png pour concrete and do excellent stone masonry work around your home or business. We specialize in driveways, entry ways, porches, retaining walls, patios and garden hardscape structures.

We do custom design, and can work with you to achieve that personalized look you like. See something somewhere you like? Bring us a photo, and we can tailor that idea to your surroundings.

The fall is the ideal time to get stonework done before the snow flies and ice comes down. As long as the temperature is above freezing overnight, we can work– and get that job done in time for the holidays.

Call Ron today at 636-271-4844, and let us put in a bid today!

We’ve Moved! New address 135 W. St. Louis Street

With the construction season upon us, you may be looking for Ron Sansone in Pacific. We’ve moved our offices to a more efficient location  in order to serve you better. If you are familiar with our old location, we are just down a block and around the corner to right.


Our new location enables us to consolidate our business interests, and provide better communication with our office staff.  Please call 636-271-4844 to arrange for a visit as we are often out on a job site during the day. And thank you for your new and continued business!


Think Patios for Summer

sansonepatiosm patio2

Summer Entertaining is just around the corner.  Call Sansone Brick and Concrete to install the perfect outdoor relaxation spot.

Get your feet (and that of your  guests) out of the mud! Once your new patio is ready to go, Sansone has thoughtful suggestions for planting to surround your investment with beauty, and walkways to get you from here to there. Call 636-271-4844 today!

Salt is not your friend

Since winter has arrived, it’s time to think about how you treat your outdoor surfaces underfoot. It may seem easy to just throw some rock salt and be done with it, but excessive amounts of salt can cause concrete to spall (the top surface to flake off) and may attack mortar if used between either concrete or brick pavers.
These tips can help keep hardscapes looking new and beautiful:
–Let poured concrete season for 30 days before using any de-icer.
–If traction is all you need, consider sand or kitty litter rather than a de-icer.
–Use as little de-icer to get the job done, and brush or hose off residue when the temperature is above 32 degrees. If you aren’t using the patio or pool, it’s better to just let the snow and ice come and go naturally on the walkways.

–In general, calcium chloride is more gentle and less corrosive on driveways and sidewalks than rock salt; it is more expensive but even a mix of it and rock salt can preserve your hardscape surface.

–DON’T use ammonium nitrate or sulfate as a de-icer. These are several times as corrosive as other chemicals.
Need more information about caring for your brick and concrete during winter? Call 636-271-4844 and talk to us!